Daily Dua O Azkar with Translation

Stay in touch with your spiritual side and savor the blessings of the Almighty. Get closer to Allah ﷻ with our daily dua o azkar with Translations application which consists of more than a thousand Supplications for various occasions harnessed from the Holy Quran and verified Ahadith.

1000+ Daily Duas

A collection of more than a thousand daily Duas for your day to day activities. We bring forth these Duas and Azkar from numerable authentic sources for you.

Memorizing Daily Duas

  Memorizing daily Duas has never been easier. You can hear, recite and record as many Duas as you like.


Keep track of your Azkar with the “Tasbeeh” feature and purify your heart and soul.


Use this exclusive feature to set up and customize Dua reminders based on daily, weekly and monthly activities.


Help yourself with the recitation of selected verses from the Holy Quran. The euphony will help you to ease stress.


Dua O Azkar provides easy to understand transliteration for all the listed daily Duas for ease of recitation and helping with pronunciation.


Mark your favorite Duas & Azkar and access them easily whenever you want.

 Font Size

  You can Adjust the font size for better readability. The simple and bright text design helps you in reading proficiently.


  Share Arabic, translation, and description of Dua O Azkar with your family and friends on various social media.

Our Vision

Our main objective is to provide you with the most authentic resources of Islamic Principles. To help you pave your way towards the complete guidance of Allah ﷻ.
Your practice of Islam is our prior interest. Learn, acknowledge and practice Deen through Dua O Azkar Application.

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